my favourite part about waking up is when i go on tumblr and theres almost always something may left in my ask that made her think of me or something funny or weird and its just really nice

may is a princess and u should all know this and bow down

i love u and you made my night thank you so much hayls <333


clint turning towards natasha and steve in avengers 2:

"i know that shield’s gone and all but they’ll still pay for our health insurance right"


THIS WAS ACTUALLY A LOT LONGER BUT I I cut out a whole chunk because every single slide was awful and no amount of cosmetic would fix it so I just lopped it off…. nonetheless I’m sorry for what I managed to finish as well. 


Jason jumping off a plane and giving readers a very nice view~
Red Hood and the Outlaws: Futures End #1

Oh dear. What an awkward situation.